1953 Fausto Coppi Jersey Replica

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Il Campionissimo, Fausto Coppi, won the World Champion jersey in 1953 and wore the beautiful, “rainbow” jersey donated by Elda De Marchi to celebrate his victory at the Road World Championships in Lugano, Switzerland.

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This jersey was lost in 1955 years and was not discovered for another 60 years. The original jersey is now housed in Museo Ghisallo, where it is preserved as a true relic of the cycling world. It can only be viewed. Never touched. Never worn again. The only exact replica in the world:Made with exactly the same materials, with the same machinery, by the same designer, and to the same specifications, this replica jersey is truly one of a kind.

Elda De Marchi herself has made this replica jersey on a semi-automatic warp-knit, 12-gauge vintage machine. This is the same machine that was used in the 1950s to make the original. The jersey is 100% Merino extra-fine wool in the nominal 2-32 tile.

Everything – from the material to the shape, colors, and proportions – have been recreated. The original jersey was tailored for Fausto Coppi himself, and Elda has kept note of these measurements for all these years. The original “rainbow” stripe colors have been replicated as they were 66 years ago – before they were altered by sweat, sun, and countless washings – with the non-chemically-treated, off-white base.

The construction is tubular with no side seams, and the buttoned shirt collar has been doubled exactly like on the original one. The three classic cargo back pockets are also individually buttoned, and there are no labels or markings other than the manufacturer label placed inside the front bottom hem.

Sleeves, collar, and pockets are stitched to the body using the very same thread on the same sewing machines as in 1953, perfectly preserved by De Marchi today.

The is the only jersey of its kind that will ever be made.

  • Same specifications as the 1953 original
  • 100% Pure New Merino wool
  • Construction on a vintage 12-gauge warp knitting machine
  • Tubular knit, eliminating the need for side seams
  • Made-to-measure for Fausto Coppi’s body
  • Doubled shirt collar with hand-stitched buttons
  • Off-white, natural base color
  • Blue, red, black, yellow, and green stripes as per the Road World Championship regulations
  • Three cargo back pockets with hand-stitched buttons

The Digital Twin

De Marchi is issuing the World’s First Digital Authentic Good™ (DAG) Token. This one-of-a-kind digital asset is an exact 3D digital rendering the original 1953 jersey in its current state.

This exclusive rendering lets you gain access to a whole new digital world, including usage in digital environments, trading on digital marketplaces and sharing on social media.

Owning this Digital Twin will enable you to:

  • – Guarantee the authenticity of this historic artifact and prove ownership of both the physical and digital jerseys through the use of cutting edge Blockchain technology
  • Earn continuous passive royalties through De Marchi jersey licensing agreements, amounting to 50% of the earnings
  • – Gain access to a whole new digital world, including usage in digital environments, trading on digital marketplaces and sharing on social media.
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